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About Nick Bright

I’ve got an eye for detail and a passion for stunning images. Whether I’m going to craft that perfect picture or capturing a special moment, it’s what gets me excited to pick up my camera and start the day.

My career started with a variety of freelance work including wedding photography, event photography and photoshop retouching. After a period of working as a freelancer, I worked for an agency called Five on a Bike for over 4 years (hence the watermarks). When I worked there I was part of the formation of the company in addition to filming and photographing a wide range of companies.

During this period I learned a great deal about collaborating with corporate clients, the inner workings of a small business, creating the right message for an audience and how to give clients the best possible value.

Photography has always been a passion and in late 2018 I set up as a dedicated full-time photographer.

I live in the little village of Marlow in Buckinghamshire with my fiance and when we are able to we love to do volunteer dog walking at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue.

If you’re a fan of good beer and in the Buckinghamshire area let me know as I’m a card carrying member at the Rebellion Brewery and you could join me at one of their member’s nights.

If you’ve got anything more you want to know, drop me an email or give me a call:

Email: nick@photosbybright.com

Mobile: 07783960478